October 20, 2008

deeper into the heart's song of praise
worship enveloped his wholeness
as he emptied his thoughts, set down his burdens

deeper into the mysteries of the Spirit's presence
songs' words chosen by the alchemy of synchronous wavelets
divine tapestry woven, worn in glory, woven some more

deeper into the secret place of the souls' embrace
Providence welcomed by the glorious song
messengers of God's love leading the way
in the words and notes of the music of praise

deeper into the place of oneness
congregation sharing the heart of the songs' soulful leading
angels' presence felt and heard and somehow... known
ancient prophets' prophecies renewed presence
presence of one true mind, one true spirit, one true song

deeper into the knowledge of the formless way
divine messengers leading the way
leading the song
filling the day

deeper into the song of the accompanists
in joy, in bliss, in soulful calm, in the heart of worship
one in the newfound depths
one in the Mind of Providence
one in the angels' new song

Type: Poetry

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