October 19, 2008

Her depth stretches onward
Seemingly forever
Further than my eye can see
Beyond the far horizon

Before me, she is alive
Gently washing over the sands
Particles of lost inhabitants
Wearing them down endlessly

She has ebbed and she has flowed
Since before time was recorded
Since before man looked upon her
Since before fish swam in her vastness

Her beauty stretches onward
Seducing travelers and onlookers
Kissing the feet of casual walkers
Touching thoughts, urging small dreams

All her mystery and majesty
Touching this ordinary place
Beach, sand, shore, soul
Caressed by her powerful charms

She ebbs and she flows
Still today
And will ebb and flow
For ages to come

Before me, she is alive
Passionate, present and full
A magnet to the imaginative
Gently seductive, into forever

Type: Poetry

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