Quiet Walk

October 4, 2008

Quiet walk on the subtle deer path
Shaded by the ancient giants
Gazing deeply into the silence
Starting anew on the contrite journey
Fears dissipate on the rays
Through the small holes in the covering
Streaming from the heavens above
Unseen in this instant, yet always there
God of foreverness here in this moment
Subtly touching this subtle child
Barely perceivable yet overwhelming flood

Songs of angels accompany the walk
Deeply moving the waiting quiet soul
Raging calm tides move the still
Inviting the inferno of utter divinity
Return to the holy ashes of creation
Sparked by a humble and quiet prayer
Sparked by a contrite and needy soul

Invited by this unworthy child
Accepted by this lover of God
Touched by God’s own hand
Healed in the salvation of this instant
Changed forever in the bathing of Love
Changed forever in the perfection of God

Praising now and forever this gift
Salvation here in a holy instant
Perfection dawns in a humble prayer
Returning to Creation’s Divine Hand

Type: Poetry

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