Universal Truths

September 27, 2008

Out of the lost silent mysteries of the universal truths,
There spring all the answers to all the questions asked,
To be caught and known and felt by those who choose,
To open their hands and minds and souls and hearts.

One mind is connected to the wholeness of the truth;
All minds are one in this sacred and pervasive knowledge;
Opening the doors and windows, tearing down the barriers,
Mind of the sacred seeker is opened to all truths sought.

All creation exists in the blink of divinity’s eye.
The wind carries the songs of forever and never.
Simplicity speaks through the voice of a child.
All colors of the universe are in a box of Crayolas.


Watch a cartoon.
Make love.
Enjoy a sweet treat.

Whatever you do, do it for that moment.
And do it with all that you are.


Type: Poetry

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