Standing There

September 27, 2008

You are statuesque as you stand there
Before me, a humble and undeserving soul
Dazzling, brilliant, with strong eyes aflame
In you, a woman who makes my life whole

In my mind, I question the feelings I
Feel as I look deeply into your open eyes
And see the feelings you show me so
Vividly through your kind and open eyes

You are passionate as you stand there
Before me, your lover, admirer, and friend
My heart is convinced of what my mind
Cannot know; this love will surely never end

I long to run to you, this instant, as my
Loving longing for you expands and builds
But I force myself, with every last bit of my
Will, to walk slowly, to let the space be filled

In the passion and love and wanting that floods
Both of two hearts joining in great loving fire
With each step I take toward you and our love
With each of each heart’s beat, there is more desire

You are beautiful as you stand there
Before me, this man who loves and needs you
You are my heart’s last and lasting desire
As the fire burns brightly, familiar yet new

Memories flood our minds, fill the moment
As the space between us lessens with each choice
To take another step toward this great love
To be healed in the comfort of your voice

You are graceful as you stand there
Before me, your soul’s one and true mate
My presence, my thoughts, all of my being
Is filled in and with you, no more need to wait

And then we touch
And we kiss
And the love flows
Now and forever

Type: Poetry

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