Humble Me

September 21, 2008

Humble me, my God
I am not worthy to see your holy face
Your might is far beyond
All that any could conceive

Humble me, oh God
Burn away my reluctance to surrender
Take all that is within me
That would keep me from you

Humble me, Most High
More fiery than the sun is your gaze
Restore me to the burnt ashes
I am unworthy of the life you give

Take me, oh God
Break my willful spirit
Erase my confident thoughts
Take the humanity from me

Sanctify me, dear God
My soul longs to be cleansed
Destroy my evil essence
Remove my fearful resistance

Purify me, oh great Fire
Melt me down to divinity’s core
So all that remains
is the connection to you

Take me, my God
I offer all I am
I long to be cleansed
So that I might be in your presence

Love me, dear God
Let our wills be one
Melt me to the core
Fill me in your love

Type: Poetry

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