Asleep Again

September 15, 2008

As the crows bespoke their heartfelt and kindred song
Kindled hearts of the forty-four lost crickets sang along
In merriment and twists of ubiquitous beginnings
The lass looked with awe at an expansive blue sky

Urging summer winds blew inexplicably cold
As the gazelles and rhinoceroses grew increasingly old
Implacable mysteries of the darkest child
Tender and quite mild, yet rabidly wild

They looked with great awe at the gift in the crib
Loving mother and proud father of a perfect creature
Awake and then asleep again, encouraging their awe
Irrespectively irrelevant world still surrounds

A simple and humble sight to any that happened by
Yet, brilliant and inspiring to these parents above
Warm in her blankets, closing her second eye
Asleep again, they shared a grateful sigh

Type: Poetry

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