What it Seems

September 8, 2008

The elevator, stuck for an hour
The appetite, it wants to devour
A sweet, some tart, or even something sour
As the others on the lift look dour

I pet the furry cat by the wall
He looks up with eyes bright, but small
I wonder for a moment about all
The folks sitting down, standing tall

Thoughts drift to faraway places
Where only love shows on the faces
Bliss and joy chased by the sound
Of the crowds as they gather around

Awakened from this gentle dream
I hear the cat cry a small scream
Nothing is quite what it seems
When the elevator starts to careen

An instant of raw panic flows
As the speed of the box quickly grows
Who knows what this fall will bestow
Or where the elevator now goes

I feel the sandpaper of his tongue
I fall from the place of the dreams
My cat and I look at each other
And realize life’s not what it seems

Type: Poetry

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