River, Water, Shore

August 25, 2008

From an endless stream of yesterdays
the river bends and twists and flows;
each droplet of water is part of the whole -
they, together, move the flow ever forward.

Fed by rains, brooks, streams, and gullies,
the mighty river rises and falls, sees and knows;
he waxes and wanes on the fertile shore;
she is his forever mistress. Furtive, yet evident,
he touches her like none else can; he
carves her slowly, patiently, seductively. He
is her enchantress, she is now and forever
held and etched by his unrelenting power.

The river of forever, stretching from there
to here, the river of life, the river, present –
the river moves, sculpts, meanders, ripples,
and surges.

Lover and loved,
river and shore,
water and earth,
flowing, rippling,
timeless dance,
perfect embrace.

Type: Poetry

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