August 24, 2008

Quietly, I sit and listen to the world.
Outside my open windows, many sounds
Bounce and flow. As I feel the slight breeze,
I hear the sounds of nature, and a waking world
of building activity.

There is the cry of a crow; he begs for the
Attention of all who will listen. Many crickets
Play their coordinated, yet random refrains.
Synchronicity of the great symphony.

A car drives by. And then another. Sounds
of humanity’s creation mixing with the songbirds.
Sparrow sings his sweetest song. And another sparrow.
The closer I listen, the quieter I become; the stiller
I sit, the more sounds I hear. They are separate
and distinct. Yet, they all somehow match and
feel just right together.

The stiller I sit - the quieter I become…
The more the world seems to sing to me…
and the more I know in my deepest self…
The song of this moment is divine.

Type: Poetry

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