Sacred Meditation of Ecstasy

August 23, 2008

Preparing for the moment
When I will see your face
Bright, shining, potent, perfect, divine
Overwhelmed as anticipation builds

Recalling many lessons
Readying for the great instant
I will be caught in your flames
Mere breathing labored
As I continue to prepare
Mind, body, spirit, flame, one

Dismissing all thoughts
But the perfect thoughts of you
Help me to be pure
Empty now my mind

Releasing the power
Into the great earth
She shudders with the impact
Of a humble mystic’s strength

Feeling the feelings
As rain drops on my skin
Soaking in
Falling away

Sensations grow stronger
As the fire builds inside
And nature moves and sings
More vibrant than before

More and more empty
Thoughts, feelings, beliefs, sensations
Rolling off my skin
As the raindrops
Fall to the earth

Closing my eyes
I see a river of silver
Quicksilver flowing, in oneness

Diving into its divinity
I am quicksilver, too
One with the flow
One in perfection

Opening my eyes
Fire burns all around
Springing from a kindled heart
One with the Flame of Creation

Melt me!
Burn me!
Let us dance the sacred dance…

Take me!
Fill me!
Caught up in the trance…

And in this perfect instant
All is one
All is empty
All is flowing
All is alive
All is connected
All is you
All is me

And so it is.

Type: Poetry

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