winds of change

August 16, 2008

swirling, twirling, twisting
the wind’s song is beginning its fatal cry

how I long to hear the sand
as it crunches
under your feet
as you walk away

swirling, moving, roving
wind is whipping at my thoughts
tearing them from their brash safety
devouring each and every whisper

whispering winds’ animation
given life in the songs that they sing
join the great heavenly chorus
the creator of everything

deeper, stronger, harsher
thoughts give life to words
awakening feelings blooming
alive in each moment of truth

great miseries before the altar
as the wind still sings its quiet song
inside and outside and through
tenaciously rowing along

swirling, twirling, twisting
caught in divinity’s flow
alive in perfection’s dark mystery
release and retell what you know

always, forever, and yesterday
blown from the heights of lost peace
wind’s song is blowing in greatness
regain what you choose to release

in the instant between
that last stanza
and this
the poet finds
a moment’s rest
breathing in
the fiery song

song of the wind is pervasive
passionately pulsing along
fire and rain and forgiveness
lost in the notes of this song

the bleakness of his weak shell
is awakened in the rouse
hear now the quiet refrain
acknowledge this moment to choose

twisted, swirled, and frozen
time, wind, emotions, change
rage has awakened new peace
the universe, now rearrange

perfection of language abounds
in the stillness of terrible refrains
greatness arrives in the silence
this song of the seasons of change

Type: Poetry

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