August 11, 2008

Where was the joy?
Where were the smiles?
In an instant, I wept.
For a lifetime, I cried.

Those folks behind that window, lost and yet at rest, seemed to have a touch of the surreal, and a light mist of dread.

Where was it heading?
Where was the joy?
The train of dark memories,
On a track of dark fate.

The children sat on the laps of what appeared to be grandmothers, yet strangely, they bore no resemblance. Wondering after the truth, I looked into a few sets of eyes.

Where was the light?
These people were void.
Nothing seemed right.
Where was the light?

I noticed that the children looked, on the outside, quite normal, and yet, as surely as I tell these words, I knew there was something missing.

Where were they going?
These empty lost shells.
Where were their souls?
Was the train bound for hell?

Type: Poetry

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