August 8, 2008

I listened to the knowing words of the blue jay
Not far from my open window
As I felt the mild summer breezes rippling in
Enjoying each moment of gentle peace

His brash call, most days, passed me unchanged
Today, though, his song was somehow different
Moved in a deep place, I chose to hear his thoughts
As he continued his proclamation

...till the morning sun shines again
and the leaves greet the new day

then all creatures will know
the day of reckoning is arriving
touched by the gentle dew
flooded with the colors of newness

on this day, hope will again grow
but many will suffer
the days leading to this day of promise
as it is written on the ancient oaks

see, hear, and indeed, believe
and you will surely be granted your reward
the prize goes to he who walks in kindness
and waits as the cold of winter

the leaves are still green and vibrant
but soon they will be colored in glory
their hues for a last time
will color all the waiting hearts

as winter greets the vibrance of fall
so the end will greet those still standing tall
but those who hearken this final call
will join the wise and knowing ranks of all

hold firm, stand strong
as the mighty and gentle oak
be forever rooted in the strength
of an earth that will continue to be

I was surprised by the suddenness
Of the ceasing of his words
And just as suddenly
He flew away and joined the skies

Type: Poetry

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