Dark Brew

July 25, 2008

He woke this morning with both eyes closed,
Nagging pains of fearful and angry dreams held him still.
Hope filled his quiet heart, "Please lift me from the misery,"
Of a daily walk in the perfections presented by his fat fate.
Last few beans of coffee from two of four last bags,
He ground them with great fury, brewed a pleasing dark brew.
Finding little pieces of wonderment for which to feign
Gratitude in this moment, taste of strong coffee down a throat
Still twinging with the slight pain of the cold breeze through
The window. He reminded himself again to enjoy the sip.
So, this morning had begun, whether he wanted it to or not;
He thanked God for the sensations, for all that He had wrought.
And took another sip of the wonderful dark brew -
And penned a few more words in a blog read by few -
And smiled at the growing hope -
And thanked God for the potential -
Of this new and fateful day.

Type: Poetry

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