July 21, 2008

he walks with grace and self-assured arrogance
wraps his arms around her slim and wanting waist
she looks up ever so slightly
meets his unabashed and piercing gaze

his lips touch hers, wrap hers, take hers
quickly hers are parted by his quick tongue
she gasps at the suddenness of it all
then collapses into the burning moment's arrival

she is surprised by the forcefulness
as he pushes her onto the still made bed
she is filled with crazed wanting
as he walks across the room to close the blinds

his weight overwhelms her for an instant
until she finds her way back to the moment
finds again his strong and wanting gaze
their lips are again joined in the increasing passion

in one quick motion he unbuttons and unzips her jeans
his hand finds her warm patch of hair
his finger somehow finds that perfect spot
at the top of the center of her pulsing clit

Type: Poetry

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