Holy Encounter

July 13, 2008

Bubbling from the fiery deep
Hints of divinity’s song
Starts from the warm spark
In the center of the belly

Warm, bright, alive
Frightened by the anticipation
Power growing from the ocean
Deep within my core

Comforted in the breeze
Of the distant song of angels
Moving closer
Flowing, floating, growing

Fire within burning brighter
Song of the ancients engulfs
Power growing, radiates
Holy Spirit growing

Raging waves building
Joy uncontainable
Last vestiges of tearful joy
Floating with the ebbing tides

Song of life unheard
Arms raised to the skies
Holy flames within
Rising from the deep

Alive in the motionless dance
Hands begin to shake
Electrified and entranced
Moved by the forces unfelt

Conscious of the Spirit
Inside my whole self
Unconscious of the self
Surrounding the Holy Spirit

Type: Poetry

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