My Love

July 8, 2008

As a beam of light moves from its origin
To a place that absorbs its energy
So, my love for you is true and bright
It will not waver or stray from its line

As the fragrance of a summer rose
Is given with increase to the receiver
So, my love for you flows and grows
Stronger with each new day

As the shorebird travels the globe
From one pole to the other
So, my love for you travels
To wherever it is each day needed

As the fresh and dark morning brew
Satisfies the palette and awakens the mind
So, my love for you feeds and nourishes
Enlivening and heightening our walk

As the river rages
My love is passionate
As the river widens
My love is gentle and strong

This love that we share
Granted by God
Moves and grows and flows
It feeds our very souls

This love that we share
Is ours
And forever

Type: Poetry

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