Forever Sea

July 5, 2008

He didn’t fool anyone
He had been changed by her
A sailor for decades on the ancient sea
She flowed through still his veins

He stood at the helm
Of the class of his peers
Refusing the empty seat
Still, he was captain

She suggested they make a wish
Finally he took his seat
Let her take her place
Teacher of this class

He remembered fondly that first day
Now his true blue companions
Were a part of who he was
They all flowed through his veins

They learned together the lessons
This new way of life embraced
All the old knowledge passing
As they lived this grand prize

As this new day dawned
Still vibrant in its glowing colors
They watched the hawk encircle
He was king of the skies

The end of a season of change
The captain found new horizons
This eternal summer rose
And flowed as his forever sea

Type: Poetry

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