Too Cold

June 30, 2008

There was a chill in the air
That early September morning

Curtis increased his speed
Just a step
To keep pace with the blond

Tall and lean, dressed warmly
He imagined how it would be
He imagined his next kill

The randomness of it
And the sheer terror he saw
As the life followed the hope
Departing from cold eyes

Annie tried to shake the chill
She sped up a bit
She knew the feeling was irrational
That feeling of being too cold

As she turned the corner
She stole a glance at the man
She was somehow sure now
As the chill ran ever deeper

She prayed that someone would open a door
Any of the doors of the empty apartment buildings
As she felt the hope departing
As she felt the chill increasing

She took another turn
And gasped as she realized her error
The truck ahead blocked the alley
And while she was sure she could squeeze through
There was a chain link fence behind it
With barbed wire at the top

She screamed
As the knife went in
She felt even more chilled
Too cold

Type: Poetry

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