Beyond Happiness

June 28, 2008

“Happy” is not the word I would use to describe these
moments in our love. They are far beyond happy, beyond even
joyful. There are so many defining moments
in our growing and melding and divinely touched
relationship. I remember the joy we shared
in an amusement park, watching a show, a
show for children, a show with lovely and wonderful
cartoon characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown,
Linus, friends – dancing - sharing joy with the small
crowd. A beautiful summer day. Hot summer day.
Warm summer hearts. Joy shared and captured.
In a camera and in a few hearts. And speaking of
dancing. I remember twirling with you, spreading
bubbles. Spreading love. Dancing with you
and our beautiful granddaughter. Dancing in
beautiful love and joy. Witnessed by God. Sharing
God’s endless joy and love. A moment treasured.
Now and forever.
In love.

Type: Poetry

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