Opening to Me

June 23, 2008

Opening to me
Great gift of your soft petals
Your body is alive
Your body is a fresh flower

Opening to me
Mixing in sacred embrace
Warm and wonderfully green
Touched by sun and rain

Opening to me
Passion burns in the heat
Our bodies combining
Immersed in the moist mud

To you, my sweet, I pen these words. Your succulent petals are ever on my mind. Alive in the sweetness of love’s tender growth: a gift any greater no man has ever known.

Opening to me
Our souls and hearts are one
Flowering blooms
Great passion as warm as the sun

In perfect bliss
Exploding in a moment of pain
Such mystery
Thoughts exposed, soaked in the rain

Your body
Glorious, majestic, and here
My flower
Releasing the final drop of fear

Opening to me
We are alive

Type: Poetry

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