June 23, 2008

“She fills my whole world,” he told his mother, Jan.
“She’s my beginning, middle, and ending.”
Logan couldn’t contain his enthusiastic joy;
It shone very clearly in his expression.
“Every day, I wake up a little more in love,
a little more sure.” He paused and looked toward
the floor, searching for words, for strength.

“But still, sometimes, I get scared,” he continued.

Jan tightened her face in thought. Logan had seen
this expression many times. He waited for her to
begin. “It’s been quite a few years, of course, but
I still remember meeting your father. I see much
of him in you, Logan.” Her mouth formed a
reassuring smile. Her eyes smiled, too.

“He was a little scared, too, at first. It’s natural to
question. It can help you to deeper confidence.”

Type: Poetry

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