Beneath the Surface

June 22, 2008

She prepared for several moments,
To leave the binding constraints of physics;
Focused on the space in her vision,
Where objects move from solid to blur.

Traveler on the timeless, windless winds,
Beckoned by the music between the notes,
She allowed her cares to drop out of view,
Sought the place from whence she originated.

Closing her eyes, opening her awareness,
Colorless slivers of light just outside her view,
She felt a wave of weariness pass through her,
Disappearing into the pervasive slivers of light.

Instantly invigorated by the rising strength,
Of the fire ever-burning within her core,
No longer bound by the fleeting thoughts,
She was freed from the departing sensations.

She kindled the eternal fire with her dreams,
Let expectations rise with the smoke and ash;
All that bound her was flowing gently away,
She was ready to begin the ancient dance.

Calm, pleasing, exciting, enticing, freeing,
Spirit of the rhythm moved her to join the beat;
Standing to her feet in the place of her mind,
She witnessed the enchantress become the enchanted.

Entranced in the slices between the sacred beats,
Light mixing with sound, filling her every breath,
She moved without effort, merged with the song:
The song of infinity underlying this lost realm.

Uttering words inaudibly, she listened to the breeze;
Babbling in perfect clarity, somehow understanding,
She danced without motion, spoke without sounds,
Finding the peace of divinity’s sacred nesting place.

Time and sound and feelings had drifted away;
She enjoyed the lasting moment of timeless joy,
Lost and found in the sacred, wondrous bliss,
Awakened in the beat of the song of true peace.

Type: Poetry

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