Morning Walk

June 18, 2008

He paused to marvel at all the blackbirds
that had gathered this chilly and early morning.
Nick remembered the robin Julie had nursed
back to life. She was so kind and compassionate
and free. He recalled a life that was full of
joy and hope; it had only lasted a season, a
very brief season of the full depths of love.

Shaken to the core by the sound – Nick doubted
for a moment that it was here and now – so often
he was still haunted by the crack of the gun
in the dark chasms of his memory of that morning
in June, twelve months ago.

They had met online, a dating site of all places.
Julie and Nick seemed destined to live a
charmed and destined life together. But, it
ended even more quickly than it had begun; that
morning in June, Nick remembered, was chilly
as well. Returning to the moment, the blackbirds
flew chaotically away; they had been startled by
the gunshot as well.

As Nick looked at his hand, he was startled
to see the smoking gun. He shook his head
briefly, gathered his composure, and replaced
the gun in the pocket of his jacket. He was
thankful for the chilly morning; it had allowed
him to wear the jacket without worrying about
standing out.

He turned once more, briefly, and looked at
Jane, the blood spreading uniformly around
her head. Nick grinned at the thought that
the blood looked a bit like a halo. He sighed
as he continued his morning walk – another
relationship ended as quickly as it had begun.

Type: Poetry

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