Romantic Stroll

June 17, 2008

Strolling down the quiet road
Tasting the beauty of the changing leaves
I step in front of you quickly and turn
Pause and gaze into your deep blue eyes

We were destined to be together
Since before our love found its start
And in beautiful moments like this
I am filled with strong gratitude and praise

You continue and take those next two steps
As the smile grows wide on your bright face
I take you into my arms, my precious one
In one fluid motion, you meet my waiting lips

For what afterward seems a very long time
I am lost in the place of our glorious love
Deep adoration mixing with fiery passion
Ablaze in the chasms of caring affection

Romance, alive and breathing and flowing
This love, present and reaping and sowing
Awakened once more in the briefest embrace
Enlivened forever by the smile on your face

Type: Poetry

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