A New Journey

June 15, 2008

Outside the window of my home,
I see the world moving and flowing;
It is beautiful, wonderful, pleasant,
And yet, it is empty of real significance.

When I assign value to what I see,
It is indeed my assignment I perceive;
Not the inherent value,
Which is nonexistent.

I have no real wisdom, see no real truth.
How can I discern what is not real?
To approach real truth and wisdom,
I will release my flawed thinking, become willing to learn anew.

Not only what I see, but also, what I think –
Every thought I have is a projection of what I have seen.
These too, I will release;
I am becoming an empty vessel.

When I feel discomfort,
As I change my view of all I see and think,
I release also these feelings,
Prepare for this quiet journey of truth.

Based on ACIM lesson 51

Type: Poetry

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