White Benches

June 12, 2008

Alone on this white bench
Painted smooth over many seasons
Watching so many passing lives
Overhearing pieces of each of them

Two benches over

A mother cleans the feet
Of a son she loves and chastens
Black socks slid on
Tying the laces of his shoes

She cleans her feet as well
Sitting now on the bench
Two benches over
She buckles her tan leather sandals

Leaving the beach now
She opens the passenger door
The young boy bids “bye bye” to the couple in the next car
The elderly gentleman returns the parting kindness

As I prepare to leave this place
The sunset having completed
I glance again with wonder
At the next bench over

A woman’s green sandal
Left without its mate
Another visitor to the beach
Green sandal left waiting

Type: Poetry

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