Mighty Brew

June 12, 2008

All is dark.
Even the dreams have ceased.
Light faded with the deepest hours of sleep.

A hint of sound,
Nudges the quiet mind;
Gently she allows the birds’ song to begin.

As the song increases in volume,
She feels a slight hunger rising,
For the dark morning brew.

And the memories return of the gentle dreams,
Where she danced among the fairies,
And walked atop the billowy clouds.

To this new day,
She opens one eye;
Allows a slight grin.

Breathing a deep breath,
Feeling the sensations over the lips, the tongue,
She arrives at full awareness.

The slight hunger grows quickly –
For the joy and beauty of this moment –
And for the wonderful brew.

Placing a foot on the floor,
And then the other foot,
She rises to greet the day.

A short walk down the hall,
The coffee maker awaits;
She will soon taste the mighty brew.

Going through the familiar motions,
Stealing a whiff of the unique fragrance,
She anticipates the distinctive taste.

A day begun –
As the coffee reaches her tongue,
And life comes into fresh view.

Hot and familiar and tasty,
A dark comfort to a woman of light,
She partakes in the wonder.

Enjoying the dark brew’s flavor –
Engulfed in its essence –
Engulfed in this new day.

Type: Poetry

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