June 7, 2008

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath,
Exhaling and letting all cares dissipate,
I hear my heart’s answer to the questions -
These questions of a clear and calm mind.

“What feelings do you have when you
Call to the remembering eye her face,
The face of true love, your lover divine?”

As I allow my heart a moment,
And another moment to ponder
The first question, a second question
Forms in my still and quiet thoughts.

“How do you know, for real and for sure -
How do you know that she is the one?”

After the feeling of peace settles in,
Inhaling, exhaling, stilling the mind,
A twinge of nervousness, I feel
In my face; pressure is building as
The butterflies race. Peaking through my
Piquing nervousness, I feel clearly the
Beginnings of what seems to be bliss.

Letting out a long and strong breath,
The twittering, flittering pressures float off.
For a brief instant, pure joy is the product
Of that raw and pure bliss I feel.

So, calm, bliss and joy arrive quite
Quickly, flooding my thoughts, my head,
My chest, my heart, and my soul.

Deep within, the eternal Source of all,
It seems to me, is responsible. Calm,
Bliss and joy – glorious effects of the
Glorious love, I feel.

So the answer to the second question
Is the same as the answer to the first -
Calm, bliss, and joy, products of love,
Products of God’s perfect Love,
Are the result of the blending of perfection.

And all that is perfect is of God.
So you were sent, therefore, by God.

All gifts of God are perfect and
Surely destined, thus,
You are surely perfect for me…

And our love is surely and purely…


Type: Poetry

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