Unstilled Mind

June 7, 2008

Insane meanderings
Always nagging at this unstilled mind
Crazed moments
In the closet of dark thoughts

So many moments
Leading up to this morning
So many plans
Leading to a lost destiny

The knife was my father’s
Fitting, that he butchered his quarry with it
Today, this destined day
I would become the butcher

I took the knife from the drawer
Placed it on the counter
I stilled my thoughts
Put them back into the dark closet

These are the conversations
Of a darkened mind
Unexposed to light
These closet conversations won’t occur

Rational and irrational
Sane and insane
Light and dark
Sheathed and unsheathed

The thoughts, the conversations with self
The words unsaid
The light unshining
In a darkened closet

I placed the knife back on the counter
I put the thoughts back
Into the dark closet
Of my dark mind

Type: Poetry

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