Gentle Soft Breezes

May 31, 2008

Silent breezes from a
    quiet heart flow
Birds’ pleasant chatter
    fills the restless air
In an instant, transfixed
    to the love that we know
Not even to nature does
    its beauty compare

The union grows stronger
    with each passing day
Feelings surrounding this
    love that we share
Remembering softly your
    kind, loving way
Eyes closed a moment
    and then you are there

Together, forever, this
    love is assured
Present as the breeze,
    pervasive in the air
Strengthened through storms
    with faith, we endured
My heart in your hands
    in this life that we share

In gentleness and kindness,
    with hope for all time
Walking together, two
    hearts intertwine
With grace, peace and
    truth, sacred, divine
Forever, I’ll love you
    hold your hand in mine

Type: Poetry

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