Yesterday and Today

December 22, 2003

Yesterday, I lost hope
Yesterday, I was alone
Wandering aimlessly toward the mire of hopelessness
My fate, yet again, unknown

I made a simple choice today
To come home to my friends
I shared my troubles and my grief
And felt my burdens lift

My soliloquy revealed the truth
That life is not half bad
The overflowing joy I seek
Will sometime come to pass

Today, I made a conscious choice
To recover a day at a time
To seek God's love, today, at least
And find a ray of hope

Experience, strength, and hope they shared
Easing me back to the path
They caused my perception to shift
From my focus on the bad

I never need walk alone again
My friends are always here
They, for me, I for them
The Fellowship perseveres

Type: Poetry

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