Fruit and Seed

May 13, 2008

In the merging of peaceful wills
An optimal destiny moves through the great circle
Life finds the true nature of miraculous love
Heaven finds its way home to the present surroundings

Every difference between the noble will and the free will
Creates disturbance in the holy flow of miracles
Realizing oneness in wills and loving flow
The perfection of the Divine Merging is truly attained

The distracting thoughts that interrupt the great flow
Are not of the Divinely Merged Perfection
Are not present in the will of the Creator
Are not supportive of the joyous perfection of love

Knowledge and judgment are the purveyors of pain
Release these thoughts and merge with Creation

Love and joy are the way of the noble child
Be merged in the one true moment of conception

Be glad in the pleasing flow of the Divine Source
Gentle joy is the seed and the fruit of love’s awareness

Type: Poetry

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