Flowing Divine

May 11, 2008

Swimming across divinity’s quiet stream
Leaving the shore’s earthen solid dream
Drenched in the waters of ever-growing life
Journey of the fallen, departing from strife

Sorrows fade from conscious view
From the swimmers in the waters blue
Warmed by the midday sun of bright
Bathed in the ripples, healed in the light

Joining with all the souls now found
Miracles manifest, no longer bound
Separate no more, joined in holy rain
Alive forever in the holy song’s refrain

All is divine in the acceptance of now
Healing arrives to those who ask how
Surrendering all, God’s mind restoring peace
Leave the aging prison, dive in and find release

To be in God, relinquish all right
Swimming the Waters, cease now the fight
Deepening peace, releasing the mind
Blood of the Christ, flowing and divine

Seek the peace of God’s perfect heart
Believe and trust; dive and make a start
Risk it all and find the perfect place
Live in Divinity’s perfecting embrace

Providence has promised all you desire
Be sanctified now, melded in the fire
Continue to live in the peaceful way
Swim in the waters of Divinity today

A prayer of unity from a humble Son
Thanking His Father for the flowing One
Believe, believe, believe some more
Choose to knock on heaven’s great door

Walk, with trust, into Waters Divine
Join now in the One True Mind
In peace, perfected, live now as One
Lovingly abiding in a perfect Risen Son

Type: Poetry

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