Light???s Fragrance

May 10, 2008

As I glide slowly through the garden of exotic blooms
Overwhelmed in the glory of odiferous beauty
I feel deeply the fragrance, divine and warm
Of your nectar – emblazoned and passionately flowing

To live in the essence of your kind and warm touch
Whilst traversing the hot coals of glowing tranquility
Awakens the center of the essence of this warrior
Enlivens the step of this walker on life’s paths

And in the center of the garden, there you stand
A picture of beauty that feeds my wanting eyes
A river of fire that changes and rearranges
A melding pot of delighted passionate loving joy

Your soft yet erect and strong form is my cure
Your piercing eyes melt all that remains in me
Perfection dawns in the touch of two new lovers
Beautiful hues of the sight of fragrant ecstasy

Time and space rise, word and rhyme fail to describe
The depth of my love, the height of my desire
I am lost in this moment of holy sacred caress
We are found in the joining of this forever dance

The lightness of the wonderment of the thought
Of a kiss that spreads and fills all the garden
Sweet petals bow in the presence of the essence
Two lovers surrendering in a vow of infinite bliss

Here and now is the instant of the newfallen sun
Glowing light of forever, growing light of fragrant love
Open your petals to this moment of our bliss
Soaring into timelessness, lost in the fire’s kiss

New heights discovered amongst the spreading blooms
Timeless realms in the heart of one true peaceful moment
Resting in the divine flavor of the wonderment of love
Precious petals of softness, gift of perfect temptation

Type: Poetry

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