Love is Born

May 6, 2008

Butterfly blown by the morning winds
Caught by the unseeable forces that move
Surprised by the suddenness
Caught up in the unstoppable power

Thoughts gain speed as the rush overtakes
Lost in the perilous spaces
Overwhelmed by the ebbing and rising wakes
New life in divinity’s waves

As the final thoughts of battle fall away
The wind becomes her chariot
She is the rider of the forever ripples
Where love is born yet again

As we learn to ride the waves and go with the flow and accept the wonderful and overwhelming gift of Love God has given to us, we find the joyous and overwhelming bliss of the infinite ecstatic waves….

I am in so in love with you. Though sometimes scared witless, I would have it no other way. Your overwhelmingness is a wonderful drug, a sweet elixir, a truly divine blessing.

I love you!


Type: Poetry

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