Your Words

May 4, 2008

Spreading like fire
Your word overtakes
A loving, kind God
Who never forsakes

Nothing matters more
Than sharing your words
If never they’re spoken
Never they’re heard

Show me the truth
Let it be all I say
Let me share love
Not fear, nor dismay

As I boldly proclaim
Your love, truth and power
Strengthen me, Lord
Beginning this hour

Only in truth
Can I walk in your way
Give me the words
Clarify what I say

Living in you
Lord, open my ears
Transformed by Your word
Let it be all I hear

Joyfully living
An example of Light
Strengthen me, Lord
And keep my walk right

Humbly, I offer
All that I am
Washed in the miracle
Of the Blood of a Lamb

Type: Poetry

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