The Key

April 30, 2008

As I approach you this morning
This beginning of a day of vast possibilities
As I gently walk toward your waiting beauty
Feelings of gratitude overwhelm me

I am a little frozen in thought
Undecided as to whether to embrace you
Or fall on my knees and thank God for you
There is no feeling like real love

You once said that I was the key
The key that will unlock all your doors
I can’t help but let a little moan escape
As the overwhelmingness settles in

I love you with all my heart, Joddy
A heart that continues to be strengthened
A heart that grows and expands
Each day in our glorious and divine love

As I take yet another step toward you
Into your welcoming arms
Into your welcoming heart
I say a little prayer to our wondrous God

Thank you for this moment
Thank you for this life
Of lesson and gift and love
In sacred union
With this gentle and pleasing wife

As I approach you this morning
And partake of your sacred embrace
I take the key into my hand
And open your welcoming heart

Type: Poetry

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