Walking Today

April 22, 2008

Walking today on the path set before me,
I seek the strength within to seek the strength of God.
Thoughts arrive and bombard and float by
this busy garden of choice and intent and temptation.

Constantly reminding myself to slow down and breathe,
I wonder why I seek so often this lesson to relearn.
Remembering also to be gentle with my young heart,
I give myself permission to question and search.

Taunted and tempted by man and dark imp as well,
darkness, nudging, subtle and constant, dims the way.
Egos’ traps set and avoided and set yet again,
ever-deepening trust in grace lights this day.

Walking today on the paths set before us,
we seek the faith and trust to walk each new step.
After we stumble, we are made whole in healing.
After the dim distractions, we see in God’s present Light.

Type: Poetry

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