Seven Stanzas

April 15, 2008

I pondered a question one morning as I rested
In the chair in the bedroom finding some peace
A thought came upon me and landed with grace
“Seven stanzas of love for the woman of my heart.”

As a robin finds calm on a strong secure branch
So, my spirit finds calm in your gentle embrace
Through trials and hardship my soul finds a home
In the heavenly peace of your perfect soft place

Depth of your flow is beyond all that’s known
Alive in the mystical pervasiveness of truth
Seeing the waves of the air that we breathe
Ancient, dark knowing, held from your youth

Physically merging with the light of your soul
Anger and tenderness, ebb and great flow
Melting in passion, your fire makes me whole
With a touch of your hand, the room set aglow

Artful words flow as honey from your core
Gift of your art, shared through your sight
Muses, alive and awake, sing with joy
Leading us onward in songs that you write

Caring and kind, compassion is your way
Walking in Christ, true Spirit in you
Touching the lives of so many each day
Humbly loving with all that you do

Your beauty, it touches and moves now this man
Attracted to the curves, your form, and a smile
Exquisitely lovely, you fuel my growing need
Woman of confidence, glorious in your style

Gazing ever deeply into eyes of stark blue
Reflections of life in the wonder of your soul
I see myself clearly as God and you see
Together in glory, in love we are whole

Seven stanzas of love to the woman of my heart
Seven days writing display but a glimpse
Seven decades of bliss, walking in your way
Seven millennia joined, forever in your love

Type: Poetry

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