Brightened Skies

April 11, 2008

As my eyes look toward the brightening skies,
As my heart moves toward the power of providence,
As my thoughts turn to moments to come,
I am filled with the love that is our great gift.

As I move from monotonous days of dim,
As I find the strength within to stand,
As I am guided to the hopefulness of today,
I am filled with the joy that floods our soul.

As my mind turns to the comfort of trust,
As I choose to walk on in this new day,
As I risk the pain of defeat and pain,
I leap to the place of sacred and mighty grace.

As my spirit is stilled in the beauty of calm,
As I fly into this day’s ever-brightening skies,
As I walk through the divinity of heaven’s gate,
I dwell in the holy heights of one heart’s home.

Type: Poetry

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