A Second Visit

April 5, 2008

For the second time, we sat on the bench
next to the quiet pond, sharing moments
with the shimmering waters and noisy
geese. Their mating rituals displayed
for us to witness, they were home
in that precious place we visited
for a second time. Comfort surrounded
this comfortable and comforted couple.
Comfort filled our one true heart.
Comfort flowed as the ripples on
The pond, behind the gracefully
swimming swan. Comfort lived and

The first time we visited this
magical place of serenity and graceful
peace, I asked her to be my wife.
Gracefully and blessedly, she said,
“Yes.” These days and hours
and moments and geese and swans
and ripples and poems blossom and
thrive in these hearts, hearts touched
by the grace of an ordinary day.

Seekers Coffeehouse
Mentor, Ohio

Type: Poetry

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