Take a Ride

April 2, 2008

Out the side door and down
the steps. Walking out into
a waiting and fresh world,
the scents of fresh meats,
grilled to a state that tempts
my wanting and longing hunger
gives pause to the memory of
the perfection of this day.

Creatures cry out their spring
songs. Birds and insects, finding
their voices, some for the first time,
serenade accepting spirits that
happen by. So many sounds find
their way to waiting and listening ears.
The song of nature cries out from
the blessed instant of this blooming day.

Walking a little further, the
songs become more exotic, so far from
a warm and welcome home, seen
in a mind’s eye. The sounds and the smells
and the colors and the feelings and
the wondrous memories of a life lived
mix and flow and fill this naïve heart.

Forever is caught in the strange
and wandering and wondering thoughts
of a child, of a man, of a woman…
of a people. Forever is riding on the
brilliant and marvelous sensations
of one who finds peace enough
to see and hear and feel
this wondrous world, this wondrous
moment… this heaven on earth.

Forever is here. Forever is now.
Take a ride on the winds of forever.
Take a ride.

Type: Poetry

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