Give Hope, Make a Start

September 23, 2005

grace of joyousness exists within reach
whilst echoes find their way to the mind
sorrows live in the cavity of your heart
spreading forth as the roots of the elm

light of the stars shines on the truth
answers live in the stillness of time
choose to leap to the quiet of bliss
reach out to feel the face of another

soothe his fear of walking alone
dry the tear of yesterday's choice
remind him of the truth held dear
abandon fear, make love the only home

power of touch cannot be understood
source of love shared by your heart
one who risked it all to give hope
forgets the sweet gift acceptance brings

lover needs love, teacher need be taught
needs to remember that fear is for naught
all that is given is given back to me
answer, as always, give hope, make a start

Type: Poetry

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