Brother???s Way

March 21, 2008

Crucified to find the Light
Christ within a holy child
Release the need to know it all
In perfect peace, be reconciled

Love of God flows from your heart
Be in stillness - one with truth
Return to wondrous life of old
Mind of innocence, heart of youth

To be in Christ, leap now and fall
Dance and sing in joy untold
Accept your place beside the King
Allow divinity to unfold

In humble faith, now seek His Mind
Believe the words He spoke today
All for you, He gave His life
Choose to walk your Brother’s way

Today, Good Friday, we remember the sacrifice of a Savior. Today, we make the choice to live for, with, and in that memory. Today, we leap boldly into the life He has made possible for us. Today, we thank Him for His unspeakable gift. Today, we take His hand and walk with Him. Today, we crucify the old selves, driven by fear, doubt, loss, suffering. Today, we join Christ at the cross. Today, we take our place in the Light of salvation.

I love you.

Be blessed, my friends.

Type: Poetry

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