Come, Dear Children

March 19, 2008

Standing by the still and quiet waters
Calling to mind the greatness of your gifts
Choosing to surrender more deeply
We draw in a deep breath and dive in

As ripples lap gently at the shore of truth
Gently, we swim toward the unknown depths
Dark and unfamiliar is the way of faith
Warm and familiar is your encouraging voice

Come, dear children
My Way is clear
In peace forever
Unstrap your fear

Bound no more
Live in The Way
In peace forever
Starting this day

My love is here
Present and real
To open eyes
I shall reveal

Come, dear children
These words, sincere
Let me guide you
My Way is clear

As we wake in peace from the dream
Perfect Light feeds each glorious soul
Alive and clear, in oneness now
You and I and God are whole

Type: Poetry

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