March 10, 2008

I woke up early this morning. Just before 4 a.m. It's still dark outside. Everything is quiet and peaceful and at rest...

Breathing inward
Air over the lips
Across the teeth and tongue
Pulling it deeply into the chest
It feeds the soul
Renews the heart
Closing eyes
Looking deep within
Divinity shining
Love's perfect home

Breathing out
Slowly opening eyes
Slight smile appears
Pushing the air out into the room
Reaching out to the edges
Looking out the window
Life's potential
In the young hours of a new day
In the dawning synchronicity
Of a bright promise

Breathing in again
Feeling the beauty
Of the amazing potential
Of this breath
Of this day
Of this child
Gazing out the window
Gazing deep within

Breathing out

Breathing in

And smiling

Type: Poetry

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