March 8, 2008

Tasting the sweetest nectar
Wild beast set free in me
Your beauty overwhelms my soul
Your fragrance fills me with great need

To take you to great heights
I awaken the magic within
Greedily feasting on you with haste
My need to join with you increases

Boldly taking what you offer
Asking you to offer even more
Rhythmic dance continuing endlessly
As we feed our needs with more lust

Time slows as we approach the source
Your essence glowing divinely as I approach
Closing the distance between us
The flames of passion refueled by our love

Desperately wanting your wanting to explode
Exploring new heights of ecstatic bliss
Riding the colors of infinity
Endlessly bonding in the fires of life

A scream escapes our coupling
Unclear whether me or you
Gulping in fire and breath and flame
Melting into our deepest core

Blackness surrounds, wild heat melts us
We are lost in the timeless gap of love
Only the ecstatic perfection remains
Where love transcends all passions

Returning to the presence of mind and body
Remembering the need to breathe and feel
I gently touch your glowing face
Sparks of joy left in our holy wake

Type: Poetry

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