Never Stop Walking

March 5, 2008

There was the slightest sliver of moon that morning as I woke. Not far above the horizon. It seemed I could almost reach up and touch it. The silhouettes of the nearby trees loomed dark on the pre-dawn blue sky. The ground was wet from the slight rains that had visited last night.

As the skies brightened, and the moon faded, I saw the tiny tracks around my small campsite. I sensed that I was being watched by many small eyes. They seemed to appear in the time it took for me to blink. Perhaps it was just my nagging and lagging state of sleepiness. I shook myself awake as I knew I would need to pay close attention to the fast talking mole that led the gathering.

I smiled and stifled a giggle when I heard the leader begin with a clearing of his little throat. He spoke…

Beauty in us all
Unique and rare
Large or small
Look if you dare
Find it in the eyes
Close personal stare

Majesty of life
Precious and dear
Resides in the gaze
Innocent and clear
Open minds and souls
Cherished and near

Compassion is found
In the heart of a child
Experience tamed
Rare in the wild
Kindness and gentleness
Tender, bold and mild

Beauty in us all
Precious and fine
Perfect and tangible
Truly divine
Beyond the close flaws
Cross over the line

Never stop walking
Merging with life
In sickness and health
Love, joy and strife
As child and mother
As husband and wife

Majesty of living
Joined in this day
Holding their hands
Hearing all they say
Graciously loving
Walking the way

In another blink of an eye, they were gone. I still wonder if they were really there. Then I remind myself that it is the message, not the messengers, that really matters…

Type: Poetry

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